An essential tool for your kit whether it be a cheap pocket grinder for when your out and about or a nice quality one for regular use. Smoking herbs comes with its own problems if not broken up properly, there’s nothing worse than watching an unburned piece of herb  that furiously burns down one side once it has been lit. Proper preparation of your smoking material can prevent such problems. Shredding and breaking down your flower into small pieces allows for all of the  particles to burn completely as they are smoked. 




Basil Grinder Rasta
Basil Grinder 4 colours available
from £11.99 2 sizes
2 Part Metal Grinder
2 Part Metal Grinder 3 sizes
from £7.99
Atomic plastic "Lil King"
Atomic plastic “Lil King”
Grinder Brush
Dr Green Chalice Cleaner
Dr Green Chalice Cleaner
2 sizes
Sharks Tooth 52mm
Sharks Tooth 75mm
Chongz Sharks Tooth
Magnetic No1 Grinder
Acrylic 4 Part Grinder
Chongz Ella's Choice Grinder
Chongz “Ella’s Choice” Grinder
Chongz "Bandicoot" Grinder
Chongz “Bandicoot” Grinder
Chongz "Marbles" Grinder
Chongz “Marbles” Grinder
Chongz Mellow Yellow Grinder
Chongz “Mellow Yellow” Grinder
Chongz Ninja Grinder
Chongz “Ninja” Grinder
Chongz "Strangest Thing" Grinder
Chongz “Strangest Thing” Grinder
Half Baked Alien Grinder
Half Baked “Alien” Grinder
Half Baked Kandy Skull Grinder
Half Baked “Kandy Skull” Grinder
Half Baked Psycho Skull Grinder
Half Baked “Psycho Skull” Grinder
Half Baked Trance Grinder
Half Baked “Trance” Grinder
Chongz Zen Grinder
Chongz “Now Zen” Grinder
Headchef Samurai





Solinder Grinder
Thorinder Grinder
£39.99 out of stock
Chongz Katana
Chongz Ezee Grind
Chongz Rainbow
Chongz Crash Test Grinder
Chongz Deep Dish
Chongz Turbine
Basil Bush Metal
from £11.99
Mix “N” Blitz
£17.99 5 colours
Chongz Dead Head Grinder
50mm Grinder
£16.99 4 colours available
Chongz The King
Chongz Zippy
Chongz Warped Wheel Grinder
Chongz Dr Death Grinder 60 MM
Chongz Dead Head Blue