Chongz “Pulsar”

This solidly constructed glass bong is 32cm high and comes with a detachable herb bowl. It has a dual system diffuser, making it perfect for cooling the smoke.

The top cross percolator takes a down stem filtration system and combines it with a series of cross-shaped tubes branching off the centre. This diverts the smoke and water sideways to encourage airflow and avoid splashback.

The vertical joint allows easy adaption to a dab / concentrate rig by replacing the herb bowl with a banger or nail with a 18mm male fitting.

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  • Height: 32cm
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • 5 x White Showerhead Percolators
  • White Inline Percolator
  • Built in stem
  • Comes with 18mm Male Clear Cone Piece
  • White Accents
Chongz "Pulsar"
Chongz “Pulsar”