The Dank Plank

A quality rolling aid that consists of two pieces that can be slotted together to form a V Block

It also comes with a PLINK which allows 2+ Dank Plank sets to be joined together to make that larger roll up, the strap band keeps the planks together neatly when not in use, and allows safe storage of papers between the planks. The holes at either end allow you to attach a lanyard or keyring for easy transport at gigs, festivals etc + poker

Assorted colours

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The Dank Plank is the absolute ultimate in rolling stations. Just attach the two separate parts together and you have a perfect rolling platform

This very simple design allows you to roll up comfortably any time . It folds down flat and can be easily assembled for use wherever you are.

Supplied with a pokey tool and a ‘plink’ which allows you to join multiple Dank Planks together for when you want to roll an extra long one