OG Snuff Multi Tool

A Credit card size multi-tool. The card has two scoops, one longer scoop at the top of the card for reaching into a bag or a tin, and another shorter scoop on the bottom left for scooping directly off a surface. There is also a small lined groove on the bottom of the card so it can be used as a dedicated surface itself. The multi-tool also has small hole in the top right hand corner so it can be attached to a lanyard or keyring for easy access while out and about, but also fits perfectly in a card holder, wallet or purse for those wanting to be more discreet.

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Product specification:

The two scoops have a 9mm circumference and a 2mm depth, the bottom lined groove measures 40mm in length, 5mm in width and 2mm in depth

Weight 15g

Length 84mm x Width 53mm x Height 3mm

OG Snuff Multi Tool
OG Snuff Multi Tool


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Battleship Grey, Matt black, Two Tone Gold